Music events that rocked 2016’s entertainment calendar

The New Times, December 30th 2016

Most of us are accustomed to dancing on floors built of concrete cement, not on a boat in the middle of a lake, swinging from side to side. That’s what the Barge Party is all about; revellers party on a boat while sailing on Lake Kivu, viewing the beautiful islands on the lake.

Beyond Safaris: The Creative Hubs to Visit in Africa Now

Vogue, December 8th 2016


When most travelers plan a trip to Africa, they dream of gazing at free-roaming lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and rhinoceroses—the “Big Five.” And while a safari in Africa can be a trip of a lifetime, it certainly is not the only way to explore this incredibly multifaceted continent. Radically changing the typical travel narrative and giving visitors a new way to see Africa is Cherae Robinson, founder of Tastemakers Africa.

How a local NGO uses arts to perform Umuganda

The New Times, May 29th 2016

Do you want to paint? Come over this side; Is that one old enough to paint? Is there anyone too young to paint? What colors do you want to work with? Do you need a brush or will you use your fingers?

Using art to ght HIV stigma

The New Times, May 08, 2016

Judith Kaine is the founder and Creative Director of Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga (To Create, To See, To Learn), a public-art project that uses visual and street arts to highlight social issues in Rwanda, bringing together contemporary Rwandan artists and community-stakeholders. She talks to Sunday Magazine’s Moses Opobo about it.

Educative street art to transform Kigali streets

The East African, February 27th 2016

While most Kigali residents are unsure of this kind of art, a non­governmental social­enterprise called Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga, (to create, to see, to learn) has entered into partnership with Sadolin Paints to increase the acceptance of educative street art through a project called Arts Umuganda project...

Colouring the Transforming City of Kigali

Inzozi, December 2015 - February 2016

Art brings us together. Through the creation of painters, poets, photographers and potters, we find common ground in beauty and human expression. In Rwanda, a group of mural makers is bringing a splash of colour to the transforming City of Kigali. Meet Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga...

Meet Judith who is behind youth life change through mural Paintings in Rwanda

Eejo, August 17th 2015

Interview with Judith Kaine, the founder and director of a Public Art social enterprise called Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga, which means ’To Create, To See, To Learn.’

Street art: How murals are changing lives

The New Times, July 29th 2015

Bonfils Ngabonziza is one of Rwanda’s most talented young contemporary artists. After finishing high school, he realised that his true passion lay in the arts and decided to teach himself to become a painter first, then a muralist.

Rwanda Travel: 5 Immersive Cultural Experiences In Kigali

Epicure and Culture, June 30th 2015


Too often, travelers skip Rwanda’s beautiful capital city to go trekking around mountain gorillas, relax by Lake Kivu or join a safari at the Akagera National Park. At most, they spend a day in Kigali visiting genocide memorial sites...

Art exhibitions headline art industry in 2014

New Times, December 24th 2014

Art in Rwanda continued to show positive signs of growth this year with several artists across the capital Kigali holding successful exhibitions that attracted hundreds of art enthusiasts to each event...

Duracoat works with Rwanda artists

Basco Paints


Always on the lookout for nurturing exciting talent and supporting a worthy cause, Duracoat together with our distributors in Rwanda, Akagera Paint Group, worked with a public arts programme bringing together contemporary artists and adolescents living with or affected by HIV.

7 things you must do in Rwanda

Wanderlust, June 7th 2014


Right in the heart of Africa you can find the land of a thousand hills, a treasure chest of beauty and originality. Rwanda’s landscape is beautifully lush and unfolding, and the people are some of the kindest I’ve met. Here are 7 highlights from my trip...

In Rwanda, Looking to Art to Soothe

The New York Times, May 30th 2014


"There's no way you'll find it yourself," the artist Strong Karakire told me on the phone, when I asked for directions to his studio in Nyamirambo, a lively neighbourhood in the Rwandan capital of Kigali where dirt roads climb the steep hills past modest dwellings... 

Kaine uses visual art to fight stigma and discrimination

The New Times, April 19th 2014

Joseph Oindo met with Judith Kaine, the founder and coordinator of Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga, (translated: To Create, To See, To Learn), a public arts project that uses visual and street arts to address stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/Aids  in Rwanda...

Gaia "Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga" New Mural ­ Baltimore, USA

Street Art News, January 31th 2014


The American street artist dropped "Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga", a beautiful Mandela memorial in Sowebo which you will be able to find on Mchenry street...

HIV/Aids: Using art to stamp out stigma

The New Times, November 26th 2013


Several artists gathered at Panama Bar and Café in Remera, over the weekend to participate in a new initiative designed to enable people that are affected by HIV/Aids fight the stigma through visual arts...

Rwandan Art – Creating Art to Change Society

Hai Afrika


Umuhire Isaac is a contemporary Rwandan artist who dabbled with post-impressionism but is always adapting and evolving. His work addresses issues of society and promotes traditional values...

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