ADC x Kate Spade Factory

Client: ADC - Abahizi Dushyigikirane Ltd

Date: May, 2017

Location: Masoro Village, Rulindo District

Artists: Exterior: Bonfils, Isaac, Innocent; Interior: Bonfils, Isaac, Innocent, Rukundo, Dolph

Kurema created a more energetic and welcoming environment for artisans at the AbahiziDushyigikirane Ltd (ADC). The Rwandan owned-firm social enterprise’s partnership with Kate Spade and Company has had phenomenal impact on the village of Masoro; training and employing over 150 artisans in the fabrication of luxury ‘Made in Rwanda’ goods.  The exterior mural on the factory is a celebration of the glorious Rwandan countryside. This is represented through the imagery of the plants, hills, flowers and the much loved gorillas. The interior mural explores the themes of cooperation, empowerment and beauty in the female workspace.  The mural is bursting with colour creating a vibrant and more joyful environment for the artisans.

“The murals motivate the artisans and brings life to their workspace.” – factory manager


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