Communities x Urban Expression Kimisagara

Client: Kimisagara sector, Afrika Arts Kollective

Sponsors: Goethe, Belgian Ambassador, Sadolin Paint, Sulfo, Rwanda Arts Initiative German Butcher, Chris BBQ,Go Kigali

Date: December, 2016

Location: GS Kimisagara School

Artists: Bonfils, Imran, Innocent, Isaac, Jobray

In a new creative collaboration, Kuremapartnered with the KimisagaraSector and a team of 6 East African artists from Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. Together the team of artists led art and design workshops with youth from GS Kimisagara, to promote creativity, self-expression and to give voice to the students’ ideas, perspectives, and wishes for the future. Following the workshops, the team of artists collaborated with students to create new mural paintings that visually interpreted the messages students have expressed.This collaborative, learning activity resulted in the production of four motivational murals that transformed the grey school campus to one brimming with colour and new energy.


Creative Communities & Urban Expression Painting day

Organised by Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga , a Rwandan public-art social enterprise,focusing on using street-arts and art-actions to involve civil society in positive social change among communities is the Creative Communities and Urban Expression Painting day, a mega collaborative project...

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