Arts Umuganda: Keep it Clean Together

Sponsor: Sadolin

Partners: Kimisagara sector 

Date: January, 2016

Location: Kimisagara Market, Kigali

Artists: Rukundo, Bonfils, Isaac, Bruce, Ivy, Niza, Dolph, Faustin, Innocent, Moses

With the ongoing, generous support of Sadolin, the Februrary edition of Arts Umuganda focused on keeping the streets clean.  The muraldepicts a dark silhouette of an individual sweeping the ground with the effect of his/her work being clean waves of flowing water with bubbles. The darkened figure indicates that the main focus of the activity is cleanliness and it can be achieved by anyone and everyone. The ambiguous identity of the cleaner is to showcase our shared responsibility to keep Rwanda clean.

The shopowner reported that more people now come to her shop because they think that her shop is the cleanest!


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