WiseTwo Discovers Rwanda

Client: Discover Rwanda Hostels

Date: June, 2015

Location: Discover Rwanda, Kacyiru

Artists: Wise Two

Visiting Kenyan artist, Wise Two, led a community-based mural-making activity at the Discover Rwanda Youth Hostel in which the public and other artists were encouraged to partake. Discover Hostel was a key sponsor of the creative project and the hostel manager, Claire Uwinza commented on their optimism for this project; “We’re very excited to host this event and we’re confident of a spectacular result. Mural painting is not yet very popular in Kigali, so this is something really unique and innovative which can help raise the Hostel’s profile as a local landmark, as well as highlight the work of the artists.”

The final mural was tweaked by Wise Two after a debrief with the client, and their request for some alterations to be made. This is an example of our responsive and client-adaptive operations at Kurema.

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