Painting Community: Street Art & Participatory Social Change workshop

Client: Goethe Institut, Discover RW, Serena, Art Moves Africa, Akagera Business Group (duracoat)

Date: June, 2015

Location: The Office, Kiyovu

Artists: Wise Two, Fred, Crista, Olivier, Rukundo

Kurema developed regional collaborations with acclaimed, Kenyan street-artist Wise Two to promote exchange and growth through a series of creative, participatory workshops andoutreach events in Rwanda. 15 Rwandan artists from the Kurema team participated in this Kigali-based exchange; each had a personal arts practice as well as experience in mural making and participatory arts-activism. The workshops focused on increasing artists’ technical skills for creating impactful street art, as well as to build confidence in the articulation ofsocial messages that translate effectively into public art. The stencilling methods, graffiti technique and lettering training culminated into the co-creation of the iconic mural located on the side of the Impact Hub.

Coloring Kigali: Bringing Street Art to Rwanda

By bringing art into public spaces, street-artists are able to reach new audiences and stimulate reflection and dialogue within communities, while also using their work as tools for activism and social change...

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