Stepping into A Brighter Future

Client: REAP (Rwanda Education Assistance Program), AIC

Date: May, 2015

Location: Duha Complex School 


In partnership with REAP,this project brought together teachers, local volunteers, Kurema artists and school students to create an inspirational entrance way to the Duha school in rural Rwamagana. A creative educational workshop shared health-promoting information with the students, who then developed the key messages for a large-scale mural.

In addition to providing the basic knowledge and skills to our students, this project supported critical thinking through the arts that will strengthen the students’ personal decision making abilities.  The participatory process instilled a sense of ownership and pride for the students, further developing their confidence that they can take action to make smart decisions for their future.

The mural created a welcoming and meaningful entrance to the school; by embellishing the entryway the school has fostered a more exciting and special environment that reinforces essential health messages for students and community-members alike.


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