Rwanda Biomedical Center

Partners: RBC, UNAIDS, Africa Healthcare Foundation. 

Date: December, 2013

Location: Remera, Kigali

Artists: Freddy Sam, Meghan King, Alex Box, Moses, Sany, Rukundo, JB, Dolph, Bonfils, Fabien, Crista, Jaxon, and Charles. 

Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga’sfirst large scale mural launched our efforts to take art out of the gallery and on to the streets of Kigali. The 4-storey building was painted by Rwandan artists in collaboration with Freddy Sam, a visiting artist from Cape Town, South Africa. He is widely respected for his work as a creative activist, ambitious to bring about social change whilst using the streets as a canvas. This mural painting uses public art as a medium of expression for people living with HIV and to dispel the stigma against the virus. The words; “My lovely Rwanda, may you flow with milk and honey; let us all participate in fighting AIDS" – communicates the themes of hope and compassion for those living with HIV. The success of this mural was seen in the gathering of over 100 people during the ceremony in which the mural was unveiled by the Minister of Health and Mayor of Kigali on World AIDS Day in 2013.

Fighting HIV/Aids stigma through art

The public health consultant from Florida, USA, decided to ditch her consultancy with the Ministry of Education and embark on a mission to fight HIV/Aids stigma...

Using visual arts to fight HIV stigma

A new initiative to enable people affected by HIV/AIDS fight stigma in the country through visual arts has been designed.

Towards an HIV-free Rwanda

In partnership with RBC, UNAIDS, Ivuka Art Kigali  and the coordinator Judith Kaine, members of Kigali Hope have been initiated to art as a medium to express themselves...

UNAIDS Article

Featured article on UNAIDS website discussing the positive impact of Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga's work.

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